Terms and Conditions of Hire From BeeZees Creations

Definitions by Law

By Owner/We/Us/Our, we mean the supplier of the goods BeeZees Creations.

By You/Your, we mean the customer hiring the Goods.

Goods mean all equipment hired by BeeZees Creations to the Customer.

1. All hired goods remain the property of BeeZees Creations. The Customer is responsible for the hired goods during the period of hire.

2. Once a deposit is paid to secure your booking, this is non-refundable for items booked on the invoice. Full payment is required no later than 1month before the date of the event.

3. BeeZees Creations would not welcome cancellations after bookings have been made. However, change of event dates due to unforeseeable circumstances would be mutually agreed between BeeZees Creations and the client, provided there is availability for the new date. These changes must be done not later than 28 days to the initial proposed date. Any change in date made less than 28days to the initial proposed date will incur a 25% charge.

4. The agreement for the hire of goods is between BeeZees Creations and the Customer, not the venue, unless in cases where goods are being hired directly by the venue.

5. BeeZees Creations will charge the Customer for any costs due to terms and conditions being broken.

6. Shortages and damages to hired goods will be charged at full replacement value to BeeZees Creations. No substitute item will be accepted by The Owner.

7. BeeZees Creations will inform The Customer within 7 days, in writing of any damages and costs concerning any of the Hired Goods. An invoice will be sent outlining amount of damage and costs exceeding the Security Deposit.

8. Goods to be collected must be ready for collection at the agreed location and at the correct date/time. A charge is made for an aborted delivery/collection by the courier where the venue/customer is at fault. (DIY)

9. Goods must be cleaned/dry-cleaned and packed in the boxes/bags they were delivered in. (DIY)

10. All charger plates, tableware and cutlery must be cleaned of food crumbs/stains and put back in the containers they were delivered in, with strict adherence to the packing instructions.

11. Charges will be made for any damaged goods including goods that have been dragged on the floor, ground in earth stains, burns, holes, rips and tears, candle wax, grease or deep staining. Candle wax on hired goods will incur damage charges.

12. Charges will also be made for replacement boxes/bags.

13. If goods are not returned at the end of the agreed hire period (Usually within 48hours, except when otherwise agreed), BeeZees Creations retain the right to charge for:

- The cost of replacement goods to honour any bookings where the goods are required.

- The cost of replacement goods where hired items are permanently not returned.

14. All replacement goods will be charged at the cost of goods including delivery.

15. Goods that are to be collected and returned by the Customer must be collected and returned to the agreed office on the agreed dates otherwise charges will be made as stated in 13 above.

16. Any collections that are to be made on the same day after the agreed time will be charged a surcharge of £75.00 onwards depending on size of job.

17. All tables and chairs which are to be dressed must be set in place for arrival of BeeZees Creations staff. BeeZees Creations or its team is not responsible for bringing out chairs/tables to be decorated.

18. 2-4 hours required for BeeZees Creation to set up the venue and the chairs & tables must be set up by the venue or the client (as the case may be) ready for decorating.

19. Minimum of 2 hours required to clear the venue. Client to arrange for this time with the venue. Any charge incurred by the client from the venue as a result of shortage of time to clear, would not be the responsibility of BeeZees Creations. Clients should make provision of 2hours minimum clearing time.

20. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure there is ample parking for BeeZees Creations vehicles. Where clamping, charges or fees are in place as a result of limited parking, the client would be responsible for paying of such fees and will be notified within 7days of receipt of such notices.

21. Venues with flights of stairs and no provision for lifts will require the customer to convey items to the level for the event before decoration could commence. BeeZees Creations staff is not responsible for taking goods up flights of stairs. BeeZees Creations would not be liable to any delay to progress of the decoration as a result of the above.

22. Any decal/inscriptions placed on dance floors must be removed before collection. Decals/inscriptions that are not removed (no matter how small) would result in loss of security deposit.

23. Any candle/burn stains or chewing gum on table linen or chair covers will result in loss of security deposit.

24. All used wine/champagne/martini/Hiball glasses must be placed into the crates provided and in an upright position. Used glasses not put back in an upright position will result in £25 charge.

25. There is a 20% charge for cleaning of cutlery, glassware or crockery.

26. It is the responsibility of clients to inform guests not to remove any decorative features on the table or on the chairs. This include (but not limited to) brooches, napkin rings or flower bouquet. Any loss of decorative features will result in loss of security deposit.

27. All Charger plates/cutlery must be counted and verified at point of delivery/collection. BeeZees Creations will not accept any complaints after delivery/collection has been made and verified by client/hirer. Every breakage after delivery has been made by BeeZees Creations staff or collection by hirer will be the sole responsibility of the client/hirer.

28. All dry hire must be accompanied by current proof of address and formal identification. Proof of address would be checked against electoral register for authenticity. If client is not listed on the electoral register, then proof of address not more than 3months old would need to be provided as well as a valid proof of identification.

29. All flowers used for our flower balls/runners/tiles are glued to stay in place. Every dry hire of our flowers that's returned with flower heads missing would result in loss of security deposit.

30. All complaints about hired items must be made within an hour of receiving items (when delivered) and at point of collection if customer is collecting. Complaints made after these timeline would not be accepted.


By accepting the quotation you agree to the above terms and conditions.